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Sonja Almberg

“Clients want to Feel comfortable about the home they are buying.  More and more prospective buyers and choosing a home inspection before buying.  My experience with Wade Robison and 2020 Home Inspection.  He works great with clients.  Answers all their questions.  Often the customer wants to be on-site during the inspection and Wade walks them through the process.  He is quick to schedule and responsive to the scheduling process of both the client and buyer.  He really helps the escrow process move along.  If you have questions about your next home I highly recommend getting your home inspected with Wade Robison and 2020 Home Inspection. .”

John Williams

“I was in the process of purchasing my next home.  It was a newer 3 bedroom 2 bath home. I hired Wade for the home inspection.  The inspection pointed out a few minor issues.  However Wade’s inspection called out a potentially serious issue with the combustion air for the fire place.  The inspection said it was incorrectly hooked up.  Concern that it could cause a serious carbon monoxide issue in the home.  I followed up immediately with the local propane company who sent a technician out.  The technician looked at the issue and told me it appeared fine.  I called my real estate agent who than called Wade.  Wade came out to the property while the technician was still on-site.  Wade called out the issue with the technician. Wade was correct.  It was an easy fix which the home seller did before our sale was final.  I am 100% satisfied and would recommend Wade Robison and 2020 Home Inspection to anyone.”

Tara Klass

“I’ve personally known Wade Robison for years.  In fact Robison Construction was a friendly competitor to my husbands construction business KL Builders before Wade retired as a general contractor.  Wade is a great resource.  His in depth construction knowledge, training as a licensed home inspector make him an invaluable resource.  ”

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